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Hi I’m Nick and for years since I was a little boy had a passion for Motorcycles. It all started in the days of RD250/350LC seeing them around made me want a motorcycle when I grew up. Roll on some years and I have had many bikes and travelled through Europe exploring the world and was a great way to open my eyes and see different spectacular landscapes and cultures.

The passion for motorcycles has over the last couple of years pushed me to enjoy another areas which included videography and photography. We originally set up a MotoUK YouTube channel to capture initially all of my motorcycle tours and adventures, but then grew into thousands of subscribers. I say do what you love in life right! So with that we recently started reviewing more motorcycles and with some collaborations with some of the top motorcycle manufacturers we have now started to incorporate some reviews of the latest machinery available for the road today. 
I have just set this web / blog site so we can share more in-depth stories about our adventures and reviews, hope you like it.
Cheers Nick @ MotoUK

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